Polo Townhouses

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  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bedrooms
Property Price
  • Price
  • To
  • AED
  • Price
  • To
  • AED
  • 2,538 to 2,730
  • 3,300 to 4,350
- Villas for sale in Dubai

Available units in the project

3 Bedrooms
2,538 to 2,730sqft
  • Starting
  • Price2.400.000
  • To2.700.000
  • AED
4 Bedrooms
3,300 to 4,350sqft
  • Starting
  • Price3.000.000
  • To4.200.000
  • AED
- Villas for sale in Dubai

Project Details

  • The Polo Townhouses in Meydan. The project envisages a private gated community and consists of 106 two-floor three and four-bedroom residences. It combines nature and modern architecture in perfect symmetry. It is designed to resemble a natural resort covered with beautiful greenery and landscapes.

Families can meet and socialize at the clubhouse. There is a playground for the children and a community pool, a dining place and a number of entertainment halls for the residents and guests. Stone paved driveways and walkways run all over the project. The entire area is replete with greenery, beautiful gardens, and trees.

Each townhouse is endowed with a private backyard and private parking. These townhouses will be built to the highest standards and boast the best and most luxurious finishings. It promises to offer warmth, tranquillity, elegance, superb architecture and a healthy environment.

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Polo Townhouses

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3 Bedrooms Townhouse

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