Luxury properties in Dubai

Como Residences

  • Palm Jumeirah Island
  • From: 5,722,071 USD
  • Two Bedrooms, Three Bedrooms, Four Bedrooms, Five Bedrooms, Six Bedrooms,

SLS Residences The Palm

  • Palm Jumeirah Island
  • From: 1,907,357 USD
  • 2 Bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms simplex, 3 Bedrooms duplex, 4 Bedrooms penthouse,

Ritz Carlton Residences

  • Dubai Creek Harbour
  • From: 1,580,382 USD
  • 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms, Penthouses 4 Bedrooms, Mensions 8 Bedrooms,

ORLA Luxury Apartments

  • Palm Jumeirah Island
  • From: 6,266,159 USD
  • 2 Bedrooms Simplex, 3 Bedrooms Simplex, 3 Bedrooms Duplex, 4 Bedrooms Simplex, 4 Bedrooms Duplex,

One Zaabeel Apartments

  • Zaabeel
  • From: 1,078,202 USD
  • 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms,

Mr.C Residences Jumeirah

  • Jumeirah
  • From: 5,284,905 USD
  • 3 Bedrooms, 4 Bedrooms, 5 Bedrooms,

AVA at Palm Jumeirah

  • Palm Jumeirah Island
  • From: 12,261,581 USD
  • 1 Bedroom, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bedroom,

Six Senses Residences

  • Palm Jumeirah Island
  • From: 4,931,881 USD
  • 3 Bedrooms, 4 Bedrooms, 5 Bedrooms Villa,

Royal Atlantis Apartments

  • Palm Jumeirah Island
  • From: 1,961,853 USD
  • 2 Bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms, 4 Bedrooms, 5 Bedrooms,

Bvlgari Manssions

  • Jumeirah
  • From: 18,528,611 USD
    Cash or Mortgage
  • 3 Bedrooms, 4 Bedrooms, 5 Bedrooms,

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    Welcome to Aqar Dubai! Browse Dubai’s most opulent properties for sale. The real estate market in Dubai is recognised for its grandeur and extravagance. We feature a carefully chosen collection of some of Dubai’s most exquisite, prestigious luxury properties for sale in dubai.

    Why Dubai?

    Dubai is one of the most sought-after cities in the world for purchasing luxury real estate. The city has a booming economy, a diverse culture, and an extravagant way of life that is unequalled anywhere else. Dubai is the location of some of the most renowned and magnificent architectural wonders in the world, including the iconic Burj Khalifa and the majestic Palm Jumeirah. All these bring a good scope for luxury off-plan properties in dubai.

    Explore the Luxury Properties in Dubai

    In order to ensure that we only provide our clients with the best, we carefully choose our luxury properties in dubai. Apartments, villas, and penthouses, among a variety of other properties, are available from us and are situated in some of Dubai’s most prominent and upscale neighbourhoods.

    Our luxury homes in dubai for sale provide a variety of amenities, such as private swimming pools, Jacuzzis, cutting-edge fitness centres, and breathtaking views of the city skyline. In order to provide our clients with a genuinely extraordinary lifestyle, every property is created with the highest level of luxury in mind.

    Get a Peaceful Life at Our Luxurious Apartments in Prime Location

    With our collection of luxury apartments for sale in dubai, experience the height of luxury living. We offer a curated selection of the most opulent properties in Dubai, ranging from gorgeous villas with private pools and lush gardens to roomy flats with breathtaking city views. To ensure that our customers locate their dream property in one of the most renowned locations in the world, our team of skilled real estate experts is committed to providing great service and support throughout the entire purchasing process.

    The Perks of Investing in Dubai

    Dubai is a fantastic city not just to live in but also to invest in. Investors from all over the world find the city to be an appealing site because of its strong economy, welcoming tax policies, and vibrant business scene. Our in-depth understanding of the Dubai real estate market enables us to assist our clients in making educated investment choices with the best luxury properties for rent in dubai. These would be supported by thorough investigation and analysis. 

    Why Choose Us?

    We know it might be difficult to spot the best luxury apartments in dubai for sale, which is why we are here to assist you at every turn. We are committed to giving our clients the best service and guidance possible through the efforts of our team of seasoned real estate experts.

    To make sure we identify the ideal property that satisfies their wants, we take the time to comprehend our clients’ needs and preferences. We then work closely with them to find the luxury villa in dubai for sale. All day, every day, our staff is here to assist you with your purchase and to respond to any questions you may have.

    Hurry to Own Your Luxury Property in Dubai 

    Our choice of luxury homes for sale in dubai is proof that Dubai is the pinnacle of luxury. The best luxury real estate in Dubai is something we take great delight in providing to our clients. Whether you’re searching for a luxurious villa with a private pool or an exquisite apartment with a view of the city skyline, we have something to fit every taste and budget. To find out more about the luxury properties we have available for sale in Dubai, get in touch with us right away.


    Several prime locations in Dubai cater to luxury property buyers. Popular areas include Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), and Emirates Hills, Jumeirah island pay. These areas feature luxury apartments, villas, and townhouses that cater to various preferences.

    Luxury home prices in the UAE vary based on location, size, and property type. In Dubai, luxury properties tend to be more expensive, with prices ranging from AED 5 million to over AED 100 million. Thorough research and consultation with a real estate agent are essential to find the right fit.

    Renowned for luxury living and high-end properties, Dubai boasts several prestigious areas. Among them are Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, and Downtown Dubai, offering upscale residences that attract discerning buyers worldwide.

    Determining the best ROI in Dubai depends on factors such as location, property type, and market conditions. Some areas, like Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), and Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), have experienced high rental yields. It's essential to research the market and consult with a knowledgeable real estate agent.

    Prices for luxury properties in Dubai vary based on location, property type, and size. Luxury apartments can start from AED 1.5 million, while high-end villas and townhouses range from AED 5 million to over AED 100 million. Additionally, luxury off-plan properties may offer competitive prices and flexible payment plans. For those seeking a temporary high-end living experience, luxury properties for rent are available, with prices also varying based on location and features.